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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I sign up with Venitas?
How do I place a call?
Do I have to add '011' to my calls?
Do I need a PIN to use the Venitas calling service?
What are 'PIN-Free Dial' Numbers?
How many 'PIN-Free Dial' Numbers can I register at a time?
What are 'Direct-Dial' Numbers?
How many 'Direct-Dial' numbers can I have?
What if I need to place another call - do I have to first hang up the current call?
What are your access numbers?
What does BYOD stand for?
I do not see access numbers in my area code. Can you add one?
My question is not listed - How can I contact you?

What are 'PIN-Free Dial' Numbers?

These are the telephone numbers you register with Venitas. Whenever you call us from any of these numbers, your account will be automatically recognized and there will be no need for you to enter a PIN in order to place a call. Note that your primary telephone number is automatically registered as a 'PIN-Free Dial' number when you sign up.
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More Access Numbers:
(206) 203-5251
(206) 203-5594
(303) 997-1610
Access Numbers (cont'd):
(360) 519-5103
(360) 717-1576
(303) 997-1611